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An In-Depth View of Future Oil & Gas Supply

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World-renowned petroleum consultant Dr. Rafael Sandrea has conducted a groundbreaking, provocative new study that assesses and forecasts potential oil production on a country, regional, and global basis. He concludes that while conventional crude oil production based on current proved reserves will fall well short of demand over the coming decades, the potential exists for a huge new increment of oil production to be added to that future oil supply scenario, ultimately balancing oil supply with demand. In his study, Dr. Sandrea has identified and quantified those future oil supply sources and made a strong case for embarking now on a global campaign to exploit them if the world is to successfully transition to a non-fossil fuel future with a minimum of economic and societal upheaval.


  • The Oil & Gas Industry From Inception to Present
    • Physical model to predict production capacity
    • Appraisal for oil and gas reserves
    • Assessment of offshore reserves and production potential
    • Analysis of the development of unconventionals
    • Prediction of undeveloped gas fields
    • Relationship between production decline and reserves depletion
  • Resources Discovered So Far
    • Genesis of oil and gas
    • What are resources?
    • Extra-heavy and heavy oils
    • Light oils
    • Natural gas
  • Unconventional Resources
    • What are unconventionals?
    • Oil shales
    • Unconventional natural gas
    • Coalbed methane basics
    • Shale gas basics
  • Reserves: How Much Oil & Gas Is There?
    • What are reserves?
    • How are reserves estimated?
    • Worldwide reserves
    • Assessing oil reserves
    • Assessing natural gas reserves
    • A heuristic approach
  • Recovering the Last Drop Of Oil
    • The cream is gone; cheap oil too
    • A side note on EOR vs. IOR: Defining terms
    • Oil recovery factors are far too low
    • A side note on CO2 EOR and sequestration
    • EOR no longer an option, it's a must
    • A side note on EOR/IOR R&D and the government's role
    • Final comments
  • Offshore: the New Oil & Gas Frontier
    • Evolution of offshore
    • Geologic setting of offshore producing regions
    • Global offshore E&P trends
    • Assessing offshore oil reserves
    • Assessing offshore natural gas reserves
    • Offshore oil production potential
  • Oil & Gas Supplies in the 21st Century
    • Global demand, recent and future
    • Crude oil production capacity outlook
    • Natural gas production capacity outlook

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June, 2011

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