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Coal and Clean Coal Report

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This new NRG Expert market research database provides current and forecast figures for the global Transmission and Distribution market. The database consists of 1 Global Data Summary and 9 individual Region Microsoft® Excel (.xlsx) files. The database can be purchased as a global file or each of the 9 individual region files can be purchased separately.




  • The Excel database is the main focus of the product and contains vital forecasts and electrical transmission and distribution data for 180 countries. Data can be purchased at a global or a regional level
  • The database includes forecasts and analysis of the electrical power distribution industry, electricity transmission, power lines, smart grid market share and more.
  • The Annual Demand information contains a regional and by-country overview of the annual demand 2015 actual figures and forecasts for 2016-2020 in 2015 United States Dollars (USD) as broken down into the 9 sectors.
  • The Capex information shows Capital Expenditure in the Electrical Transmission and Distribution industry by region and by country, presenting 2015 actual and 2016-2020 forecast figures in 2015 USD.


Reasons to Buy


  • Gain a global understanding of the electrical energy market and power transmission lines
  • Understand the trends, developments and opportunities for power system distribution and electricity infrastructure
  • Prepare market size evaluations and electrical energy forecasts on electricity infrastructure and electric power distribution
  • Manipulate the in-depth electricity data


Date Published


July, 2016


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