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Preserve all the pertinent energy data from 2011 with this OGJ Databook digital file. Online pdf package contains the popular surveys, statistics and data tables. View the details of the Ethylene Survey, or the most recent Worldwide Construction Projects. Also contains the annual Worlwide Refining and the Worldwide Oil Field Production Survey from 2011.





  • January and Mid-year Forecasts
  • Capital Budgets Forecast
  • Gas Processing Survey 2011
  • Global Ethylene Survey 2011
  • US Pipeline Study 2011
  • OGJ 150/100 Survey 2011
  • November 2011 Worldwide Construction Projects Survey 2011
  • Worldwide Oil Field Production Survey 2011
  • Worldwide Refinery Survey 2011
  • 14 Statistical Tables
  • OGJ editorial index



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  • Printable pdf pages allow you to pull out specific articles or surveys.
  • Over 300 pages of reports, data tables, surveys, statistics and forecast articles.
  • Convenient PDF format with quick links from the contents page to the article.
  • Contains an index of OGJ articles January through December of 2011.
  • Immediate download of digital package.
  • Includes the 2011 Worldwide Refining and Oil Field Production Surveys.
  • A complete package of popular data from 2011.



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February, 2012


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