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2019 Worldwide Refinery Survey with Complexity Analysis

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The Worldwide Refinery Survey and Complexity Analysis combines the Worldwide Refinery Survey with the Nelson Refinery Complexity Index. The Oil & Gas Journal's Worldwide Refinery Survey is the source for this survey.





The Worldwide Refinery Survey and Complexity Analysis combines the most current Worldwide Refinery Survey with the Nelson Refinery Complexity Index. The Nelson Refinery Complexity Index is a cost-based index. The index provides insight into such things as refinery construction costs, replacement value, conversion capability and product slate. The Nelson and the Equivalent indices have been improved and upgraded based on the author Daniel Johnston's extensive research, analysis and discussions with those in the industry. Specifics are detailed in the documents enclosed with the spreadsheets. Other criteria that make an index practical include; consistency, repeatability, compatibility with the available data, and easiness to understand and access. Both the Nelson Complexity Index (NCI) and Equivalent Distillation Capacity (EDC) are included and calculated into the regular Refinery survey spreadsheet. The Nelson Complexity Index is a pure cost-based index. It provides a relative measure of refinery construction costs based upon the distillation and upgrading capacity a refinery has. The index was developed by Wilbur L. Nelson in the 1960s to quantify the relative cost of the components that make up a refinery. The Nelson index compares the costs of various upgrading units such as a catalytic cracker, or a reformer to the cost of a crude distillation unit. NCI and EDC statistics have become widely used in industry literature to provide insight into various aspects of refinery value or operations. The Bottom of Barrel Index is also included. The BoB index provides a means of quantifying and characterizing a refinery's ability to process heavy crudes and produce premium refined products. It represents the combined capacity of a refineries Coking, Catalytic Cracking and Hydrocracking units relative to Distillation Capacity (expressed as a percentage). Additionally the survey includes ownership percentages. Listed are the individual or multiple owners and their percentages.



 2019 Nelson Complexity Indices:

  • Distillation Capacity
  • Vacuum Distillation
  • Thermal Processes
  • Catalytic Cracking
  • Catalytic Reforming
  • Catalytic Hydrocracking
  • Catalytic Hydrorefining
  • Catalytic Hydrotreating
  • Aromatics
  • Isomerization
  • Lubes
  • Asphalt
  • Hydrogen (MCFD)
  • Sulfur Extraction


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Date Published

January, 2019



Single User, Multiple Users, Historical and Past Year Surveys are available

2019 Worldwide Refinery Survey with Complexity Analysis Reviews

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Interesting Data, a little hard to interpret for non-experts

Posted by Caroline Ward on Jul 9th 2020

The included word docs describing the data is helpful, but it could go a little deeper in explaining how to interpret the data appropriately. It would be great if someone form O&G would reach out to you with the purchase of your data so you could talk on the phone with someone who can help you understand the data. Should be part of the package for paying $1000+ to access.