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Enhanced Oil Recovery Survey - Historical

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The biennial PennEnergy Enhanced Oil Recovery Survey and associated articles have uncovered a new future for EOR in conjunction with the emerging unconventional plays. The survey contains the regular seven tables plus three important new articles regarding the application of EOR to the vast unconventional oil and natural gas developments. New applications could economically sustain the world’s hydrocarbon supplies for decades. One of the new developments is improved CO2 mobility rate and flood conformance as explained in one of the articles that come with the new EOR Survey.





  • Planned EOR Projects Worldwide
  • US Producing Thermal EOR in the US
  • Producing CO2, other gas, and chemical EOR in US
  • Producing Canadian EOR Projects
  • Producing EOR projects outside U.S. and CANADA
  • US EOR Production
  • Active US EOR Projects


  • EOR can extend the promise of unconventional Oil & Gas
  • Research seeks new chemical methods to improve CO2 floods
  • Miscible CO2 now eclipses steam in US EOR production




  • Method
  • Operator
  • Field
  • Location
  • Start date
  • Area (acres)
  • # of production & injection wells
  • pay zone
  • formation type
  • porosity
  • permeability
  • depth
  • API gravity
  • Viscosity
  • Pervious production type
  • Residual oil saturation
  • Project evaluation & profitability
  • Enhanced production
  • Total production
  • Maturity


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Enhanced Oil Recovery Survey - Historical Reviews

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