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Evaluating Production Potential of Mature US Oil, Gas Shale Plays

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An in-depth analysis was made of the production performance of the Barnett and Fayetteville shale gas plays, and of the Elm Coulee field that produces from the tight oil Bakken formation. These are the only existing mature fields of shale gas and tight oil resource plays and the object was to establish field performance values of key parameters such as recoverable oil and gas, and recovery efficiencies; and, ultimately, to develop algorithms that can provide a reliable estimate of production potential. This latter parameter is fundamental to the planning of production and take-away infrastructure, and finally determines the value of the asset.


This paper addresses some of the major technical issues that affect estimates of two key parameters: the volume of recoverable oil or gas, and its production potential, which ultimately determine the value of the asset. Both factors are physically interrelated, and are indispensable for the planning of field infrastructure and take-away capacity.


Dr. Rafael Sandrea, is author of over 33 technical papers, eReports, and a text book used in petroleum engineering courses around the world, Dr. Sandrea’s previous forecasts have proved to be right on target. For over 30 years he has provided technical services in oil and gas project management, reservoir engineering, geology, seismic processing, and E&P data management through out the world; plus 20 years of petroleum consultation.

Date Published

December, 2012.

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PDF / 20 pages

Evaluating Production Potential of Mature US Oil, Gas Shale Plays Reviews

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