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OGJ 150/100 US/International Survey - Historical

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 Annual financial data for the largest 150 publicly-traded oil & gas companies with reserves in the US and the 100 largest international oil and gas companies. The Oil & Gas Journal's OGJ 150/100 is the source for this survey.





Captured in this data set is information on the following:

  • Rank by total assets
  • Total assets
  • Total revenue
  • Net income
  • Stockholder's equity
  • Capital & Exploratory expenditures
  • US & WW liquids & nat gas production
  • US & WW liquids & nat gas reserves
  • US net wells drilled
  • Mailing address, phone number, & web address for the OGJ 150



Reasons to Buy


  • All data is presented in a spreadsheet format for easy manipulating
  • Data can be sorted and used to create pivot tables and graphs for easy representation
  • Analyze specific fields or all fields of data
  • Integrate with other data to identify strategic decision-making opportunities



Date Published


September, 1985 - September, 2019



OGJ 150/100 US/International Survey - Historical Reviews

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