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Worldwide Gas Processing Survey - Historical

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Gas Processing plants worldwide with data on company location, gas capacity and throughput, process method and product production. Thirty one US and Worldwide Gas plant worksheets and twenty Sulfur Worksheets.




  • Country
  • State
  • Company
  • Plant
  • Location
  • Gas capacity
  • Gas throughput
  • Process method & production of various products
  • Some P.S.U. data (total numbers, not individual plants)
  • Worldwide survey of sulfur production and capacity by plant
  • Summary Table


Reasons to Buy


  • Spreadsheet format
  • Ability to sort
  • Ability to create pivots
  • Ability to analyze across all fields
  • Includes the Oil & Gas Journal's PDF article about the survey


Date Published


1985-2015 Gas data back to 1985, and sulfur data back to 1994. Current to June, 2015.




Single User, Multiple Users, Historical and Past Year Surveys are available

Worldwide Gas Processing Survey - Historical Reviews

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