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2015 Worldwide Seismic Vessel Survey

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Worldwide listing of 170 seismic vessels. Expanded this year to include additional vessel types. The listing adds Dolphin Geophysical and its 8 transition zone/shallow water/ OBC vessels for the frst time, and the two electromagnetic survey vessels of EMGS.


  • Company
  • Vessel
  • Year Rigged or Converted
  • Total Length and Beam
  • Streamer Configuration
  • AV Streamers used Prior Year
  • AV Streamer Length
  • Source Array Configuration as Rigged
  • Max Towable Footprint
  • Acquisition Capability
  • Acquisition Experience
  • Technical Capability
  • Onboard Processing
  • Full Primary Recording Media
  • Satellite Transmission to shore
  • Company Address List

Reasons to Buy

  • Spreadsheet format
  • Ability to sort
  • Ability to create pivots
  • Ability to analyze across all fields
  • Includes Offshore Magazine's PDF article about the survey

Date Published

March, 2015

2015 Worldwide Seismic Vessel Survey Reviews

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