Worldwide Refinery Survey and Complexity Analysis - Historical
$23,150.00 $7,350.00
Summary The Worldwide Refinery Survey and Complexity Analysis combines the most current Worldwide Refinery Survey with the Nelson Refinery Complexity Index. Additionally, the survey includes ownership percentages. Listed are the individual or...
Worldwide Refinery Survey - Historical
$19,950.00 $6,890.00
 Summary  A widely watched and frequently quoted survey of refinery capacities worldwide. Capacity for 19 processes are detailed as available. Contains information on all operating refineries in the US and Worldwide. Over 630 active refineries...
Worldwide Refinery Construction Projects  - Historical
$11,200.00 $4,125.00
  Summary   This semi-annual survey captures information on planned and in-progress refinery construction projects including gas-to-liquid construction projects.   Data   The survey captures semi-annual construction demographic...