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A Practical Guide to US Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline Economics

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Contains a complete Industry Overview, Energy Price Impact, Transmission Line Profitability, Rates and Regulations, Transportation Service, Shifting to MLP Ownership, Acquisition Boom and Price Escalation, Recent Growth, and Industry Threats and Opportunities.




From unraveling the mysteries of market based rate calculations to revealing the current business drivers, this report by Tom Miesner, author, lecturer, and recognized pipeline expert, covers the economic spectrum. Written in understandable language and vetted by industry veterans, readers will emerge from this report with a new found understanding of the business. Power generation, green house gas emission, and stakeholder pressure points are all part of the complex equation simplified by this report. Costs, rates, investments, and the future are all treated in turn as this comprehensive report looks at the industry and what makes it tick.


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  • Serves as a guide to pipeline economics.
  • Addressses 30 years of unbundling history, plus addresses future business environments."



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Author: Tom Miesner





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