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Analytical Methods in Petroleum Property Valuations

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INTEGRATING PROBABILISTIC AND DETERMINISTIC TECHNIQUES This comprehensive report gives decision-makers a series of tools for evaluating oil and gas assets and assesses risks in property transactions. The author, a consultant who has worked in the oil and gas industry since the early 1980's, describes the quantitative techniques useful for valuation and in-depth economic analysis of oil and gas properties and corporate ventures.


Among the subjects covered:

  • Analyzing input and output variables and distributions.
  • How probabilistic techniques incorporate and quantify risks associated with a range of future uncertainties.
  • How deterministic techniques provide sensitivity analysis of economic outcomes related to a range of input assumptions.
  • Using chance and decision trees with deterministics techniques.
  • Applying the techniques of Monte Carlo simulation
  • Selecting distribution types to be applied to input variables in building probabilistic models.
  • Quantifying downside risk as an aid to decision-making.
  • Determining mean downside risk to define the efficient frontier of a portfolio.
  • Assessing statistical confidence levels.
  • Systematically quantifying risked reserves.
  • Quantifying upside and downside risks with probabilistic valuation techniques from the perspectives of sellers and purchasers or borrowers, and lenders in transactions involving oil and gas assets.

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  • Integration of deterministic and probabilistic techniques can fine-tune the evaluation for parties on both sides of a the prospective transaction.

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    Author: David A. Wood David A. Wood & Associates


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