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OPEC Specialized Statistical Package

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A comprehensive package of information and statistics -- key to analysis and understanding of the oil and natural gas industry in the OPEC countries.



This package of information provides the most up to date and complete oil and gas industry profile of the OPEC countries, and includes statistics covering upstream and downstream activity. This package contains 23 Excel® files.




Statistical files include:

  • OPEC Consumption.xls
  • OPEC Crude Exports.xls
  • OPEC Crude Oil Production.xls
  • OPEC Crude Refining Capacity.xls
  • OPEC Crude Reserves.xls
  • OPEC Ethylene Survey.xls
  • OPEC Export Crudes Contents.xls
  • OPEC Export Crudes-OGJ Guide.xls
  • OPEC Gas Processing Constr Projects.xls
  • OPEC Gas Processing Survey.xls
  • OPEC Gas To Liquids Constr Projects.xls
  • OPEC LNG Constr Projects.xls
  • OPEC NG Reserves.xls
  • OPEC Oil Field Production Survey.xls
  • OPEC Petrochemical Constr Projects.xls
  • OPEC Pipeline Constr Projects.xls
  • OPEC Pledged Production.xls
  • OPEC Producing Oil Wells.xls
  • OPEC Refinery Constr Projects.xls
  • OPEC Reserves_Production.xls
  • OPEC Rig Count.xls
  • OPEC Sulfur Constr Projects.xls



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All statistics are in convenient spreadsheets.


Date Published


August, 2016





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